ESTABLISH LACTOShield® is uniquely formulated with bacteria that have differing roles within the ensiling process. This grouping of bacteria, into our inoculant, allows us to optimize the ensiling process. This ensuring you are getting the most from your silage!


Our CalfBEL® line of products benefit calves by stimulating immune function, increase nutrient digestibility, stabilize the microbiome, and limit pathogenic colonization. Perdue Animal Nutrition is fully equipped to help harbor the health of your calves, for a stronger, healthier herd from the very beginning!


ESTABLISH FlockLEader™ contains bacteria that have been selected for their specific roles within the intestinal tract – their ability to colonize the intestinal tract and reduce pathogenic bacteria. The strengths of each species contribute to improved health and performance in your flock. 


Flockleader® products for backyard chickens were developed by our team of nutritionists and poultry scientists to keep backyard flocks happy and healthy. These water supplements, litter additives, and treats can be found online, at local farm and feed stores, and at select major retailers.